The Ladies

EXT son x Registered Angus Cow "Hope"
Mother to Sweet Pea, Belle and Mercedes along with many others not pictured.

"Sweet Pea"
Angus Bull x Grace
Mother to tag # 49 and the Dirty Harry Calf

Limmy x Simmental x
 Mother to HCC Harry, who won champion market calf at the Douglas County fair in 2008, Betty, and the UVJC Reserve champion calf 2003 plus many many more
Red was a twin, raised on a bottle. 

Simmental x "Red"
She is 7 years old in the 2 bottom photos and 5 in the top photo
Dam To "Structure" and the for sale heifer

G13 Structure x Betty
Dam to Tag # 48, Ankonian Heifer and the twins
In third photo she has had the twins on her for over a month, no supplements
  Simmental Angus
                                           Mother to "Raven," Katilin and many more
2001 Douglas County Champion Commercial Heifer
2001 Oregon State Fair Champion Commerical Heifer
2001 UVJC Champion Commercial Heifer

Angus Sire x Missy
Herd Cow
G13 Structure x Lemmon Newsline
Mother to Valentine
Purchased at the 2008 LCLA auction

Dr. Who x Simmental/Angus
Dam to "Patsy"
                                                    BEB Juneau x Hotspot (Purchased)

                                              Brumbach Club Calves, Females
 A good friend of ours recently decided to get out of the cattle business and offered his herd to us. We purchased 5 cows and 3 calves. The calves are all sold, but here are some of the females. They are all bred to Mercedes Benz and due in April. If they didn't take AI they bred to a black angus bull of an unknown pedigree.