25 male meat goats for sale

These boys are for sale, I'd like $2000 for the entire group or individuals for $120. Sires are Spanish meat goats and Boer meat goats. The dams vary but are mainly meat goat crosses or dairy crosses. The 25 are gaining 8#'s daily as a group. Everyone is current on their ivomec and Cydectin wormers, Ivermectrin pouron, ultrabac 8, permectrin fly spray and loose medicated minerals. All are beyond their drug withdrawl dates. Ready to eat, breed, tie, pets, whatever you need them for. Are not on grain, they are on browse. Email me at shall00@hotmail.com if you would like to take a look. Willing to deliver to Eugene and Medford areas, cash only. The group is estimated to weigh 1650lbs. They can be weighed for an exact weight, this was formulated by taking their age and my herds average daily gain. It consists of 5 January borns, 5 February borns, 6 March, 5 April and 4 May born kids.

Estimated weights in order (L to R), 50lbs, 80#s, 70#s. They gain an average of .3#s a day, I rounded the guess down quite a bit.

March buckling, estimated weight 65#s

February, 80#s est

May, est 50#s
February 1

April 7th

Boer is a January 31, Boer/Spanish on the bottom right is a May 18

Twins, April 16

Quad April 15

May 7

Feb 10

March 5

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