Saturday, January 7, 2012

Located in Roseburg Oregon, our goal is to combine commercial cattle functionality with show calves. Our calves need to be able to perform in the feedlots and in the show ring. We run two groups of cows. One is our Angus herd who descends for Ext and TC Stockman. We also run a commercial crossbred herd which consists of a few clubbie cows and a handful of simmental angus x cows. If you have any questions about a calfs availablity feel free to call or email us. We should start calving 2/12/2012, if you would like to reserve a show calf please let me know. We should have some In Dew Time, Simmental angus x, and Mercedes Benz calves.

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Useful Websites

I use these sites to find information on bulls. Many of the breeders also post videos of their bulls on youtube